Campin, from the Belgian town of Tournai[1], is widely considered as the “Master of Flemalle.” And for a long time too we thought that the painter was Robert Campin, but now the current thinking is that this is from the workshop of Robert Campin. The Mérode Altarpiece is a triptych painting (a painting divided into three different sections) by the Flemish painter, Robert Campin. The Merode Altarpiece is one of the great masterpieces of Northern Renaissance art. The Mérode Altarpiece (or Annunciation Triptych) is an oil on oak panel triptych, now in The Cloisters, in New York City. Other articles where Mérode Altarpiece is discussed: Robert Campin: …of his masterpieces is the Mérode Altarpiece (c. 1428), a triptych of the Annunciation with the donors and St. Joseph on the wings. The Virgin is portrayed in a setting of bourgeois realism in which interior furnishings are rendered with the frank and loving attention to detail that was to… [2] It was … Annunciation Triptych (Merode Altarpiece) Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies Due to rights restrictions, this image cannot be enlarged, viewed at full screen, or downloaded. The Merode Altarpiece is a beautiful, richly symbolic Flemish triptych probably painted by Robert Campin and assistants in the 1420s on a commission from the Engelbrecht family. This is a painting that for a long time was known as the Merode Altarpiece, but is now known as the Annunciation Triptych. [1] It is currently described by the Metropolitan as by "Robert Campin and assistant". The iconography of Robert Campin's Merode Altarpiece is well researched and completely established. Many paintings have been acclaimed due to various reasons. Robert Campin and workshop, The Merode Altarpiece, oil on oak, c 1425-30, Early Netherlandish painting (14.8) Robert Campin was an early pioneer of the naturalistic influences in northern Europe which has been applied in detail later in the renaissance period. The Merode Altarpiece, created by Robert Campin between 1425 to 1428, is comprised of three panels or a triptych, a form of art that was adopted from the Middle Ages. Compare & Contrast the Merode Altarpiece & Masaccio`s Holy Trinity Essay Sample. The Mérode Altarpiece depicts the Virgin Mary being told by Saint Gabriel of her bearing of Jesus Christ. 1). Each panel depicts … The Mérode Altarpiece is a triptych by the Early Netherlandish painter Robert Campin, although believed by some to be by a follower, probably copying an original by Campin. False ____________ is the broader study and interpretation of subject … This article aims to look deeper into the works of art identified as the Merode Altarpiece which was attributed to Robert Campin, who was given the title as the Master of Flémalle and the Holy Trinity painted by Masaccio. Iconography of Anounciation of Merode Altarpiece by Robert Campin Robert Campin and apprentice, Annunciation triptych, Merode Altarpiece, 1427-1430 Cloisters, New York This version of Annunciation is rich in symbolism which was easily understood by average person of the days this altarpiece was commissioned. In the Mérode altarpiece by the Master of Flémalle, the figure of Joseph appears in a wing beside the Annunciation as an artisan who fashions mousetraps (Fig. The name “Engelbrecht” means “brought by an angel,” which would have naturally suggested the … 1 Not only is the presence of Joseph in the context of the Annunciation exceptional in Christian art; we are surprised also that his craft of carpentry should be applied to something so piquant and marginal in his métier.
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